Causes and treatments for Sudden Memory Loss

These are Memory Loss Causes

Short term memory loss causes can be caused by a number of things. Sudden loss of memory causes are from stress and health reasons, they are short lived and mild in natures. Short term memories only last a few minutes. So forgetting someone’s name that you just met is understandable but forgetting someone’s name that you are very close to is not normal. Many causes of memory loss are to blame, such as depression, a stroke or head injury and even alcoholism. Severe loss of memory cases are from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

What causes memory loss is not hard to figure out but how to improve memory loss or prevent it is. When you are in your twenties you will start loosing brain cells a little at a time. Through the aging process you body will not produce the same level of chemicals as it did in your younger years. These chemicals are necessary for your brain cells to work. Aging does not effect the short term or remote memories but it does affect the recent memories.

Memory Loss Cause

After you have seen the doctor and physical reasons have been ruled out for the cause of the short term memory loss, there are things that can be done to help improve and cope with this condition. Keep a detailed calendar with dates, times, people you will be with and any other details, keep a “to do” list and mark off the items as you complete them and put your valuables like your keys and wallet in the same place again and again. Crossword puzzles are a nice way to keep you mind active and mentally alert as well as a thirty minute aerobics class will keep your body fit and trim. Eat healthy by including fruits, vegetables and grains in your diet. Eat only lean met like chicken and fish. Get out of the house often and socialize or volunteer down at your church or a community recreation hall.

Medical studies have shown some improvement in patients that eat different types of food. For improving memory loss you can eat cantaloupe, blueberries and sweet potatoes and for improving blood circulation throughout the body including the brain you would eat watermelon, cherries, tomatoes and strawberries. Vitamins B12 and B6 are good for the nervous system. Certain health problems that can determine memory loss can be combated with Vitamin C.

Do some research on your own about memory loss. Your local bookstore has a second on health and books that have been written on short term memory loss. The internet is also a good source for finding additional information on this subject. Use any search engine and type in memory loss in the search box and there will be enough information to get you going. Do not forget to check message boards out; it may make you feel better to know that you are not alone when dealing with the condition. Short term memory loss causes everyone to feel anxious when they hear the diagnosis.

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